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The Warmers – Mad at the Man

Cut the excess.
‘Simple songs say all or nothing’. – Discord Records

‘The Warmers’ were a post-hardcore, Washington DC based band releasing two albums through Dischord Records. They recorded both albums in 1996.

Members. Alec Mackaye, younger brother of Ian MacKaye (‘Minor Threat’, ‘FUGAZI’), fronted the band on vocals and guitar. He also played in ‘The Untouchables’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Ignition’. Sidenote. He has appeared on the cover of Minor Threat’s self-titled EP, Minor Threat, and also on the cover of the Teen Idles’ Minor Disturbance EP.

Juan Luis Carrera (Bass and Vocals) also played in ‘Lois’.

Amy Farina (Drums, currently in The Evens) also played in ‘Mr. Candyeater’, ‘Moats Definitely’ and ‘Lois’.